Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Paris or Venice

It's hard to say that I like one city over the other knowing the ire that I could face from the opposing side.
But I have to pick Venice over Paris.

It has nothing to do with the art which is fabulous in both cities though different.  Paris (as a city) seems to be  monochromatic while Venice is more individualistic.



Paris reminds me of Manhattan while Venice seems to have more of the small town feel once you get away from St. Marks Square.   Walking in Venice you always see a delivery guy.  Two ladies arm in arm out for a stroll or a visit to the market are a common site also.  Sitting in the cafe, eating a brioche with a cup of coffee, you can watch the locals come in to say hi to their friends and eat something standing at the counter (I always thought that each meal was a celebration in Europe but many people eat - at least breakfast in a hurry, while standing up at the counter, and with a quick "Ciao" they are off to their destinations.)

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