Saturday, September 29, 2012

Why a new blog.

This blog is a continuation of my old one Life on Two Acres.  Why a new one?  The analogy that bests sums it up is that having a new blog is like having a new pad of paper.  For some reason, a freshly opened pack of paper seems to have endless possibilities.  And life seems to be going that way at the moment.

  I'm 8 years older than when I started my first blog and a lot has changed.  Our children are adults now, living on their own.  With adding the chickens we own more pets than ever before - 9.  I'm back at college taking a course as is my husband.  And even though I still work I consider myself more of a homebody.  My crafting, gardening and general outlook on life is becoming different.  So, here is to new writings and new beginnings.