Saturday, October 5, 2013

The chicks came

 on Tuesday afternoon.  16 mixed beauties.  The peeping so loud that I could hear them when I walked into the main post office for pickup.  Two have a leg issue each (tendon I believe for one, probably the same for the other).  Legs are massaged and are wrapped.  I think that both will be lame but they are otherwise healthy so we are taking a wait and see attitude.
 They are full of life and so cute.  We have Silver Spangled Hamburgs, Rhode Island Reds, Buff Orphintons, Araucana/Americanas, Black Australorps, 1 Blue Lace Wyandotte and a Free Exotic
chick :-).  They were inoculated for coccidosis before shipping so they are on unmedicated food and for a few days were on a lightly sugared water.  The two with leg issues are on poly vi sol vitamins.  (without iron).

Making sure the pool is covered properly with wood chips is also necessary so that we don't have more leg issues.  They like to move it around though.