Monday, April 22, 2013

Craft Project - Painted Suitcase

Why paint a suitcase?

For several reasons. 
1.  Free canvas.  It came from my garage and fits my -Use what I have plan- which I'm trying to do this year as much as possible.

2.  Cute storage.  I have 3 of these and can use them to store craft items out of sight.  

3.  Cheap project.  This cost me under $10.  I bought some cheap craft paint (on sale) and used Modge Podge to prime the suitcase and to seal it.  Used an archival black marker to outline the designs.  The ribbon I had probably came from a ribbon sale.  

The painting took a little time as I painted several coats of orange on. I used 8 oz of Craft Smart orange paint.  My suitcase measures 21 inches w by 14 inches tall.  Back and sides are also painted and decorated.  

This will be used to store ribbon in my craft room but the possibilities are endless.  Small suitcases can store tiny toys like legos and cars.  Blocks and small dolls.  Linens and fabric.  The room will look cuter and neater.

Saturday, April 6, 2013


Walking to Section 60 in Arlington Cemetery is a short, mostly serene walk which is why I don't often take advantage of getting a pass and driving over.  This day was no different.  Even thought the parking lot was full with tourists on Spring Break most of them were heading in a different direction to see the graves and sights of the famous.  That is a blessing.  It leaves the rest of the park quiet for family.

Since I was last there however, 16 months ago, the scenery has changed a lot.  So many more head stones that it left me a bit disoriented.  Military personnel are now being buried close to the highway and to the Visitors Center.  Everything looked different and when I made a turn onto York I spent a great deal of time wandering around lost

I walked back to the Visitors Center and looked at the guy behind the help desk.  "I can't find him," I said simply.  "That is what we are here for," came the calm reply.  So I typed in the name and was given a map.  "His address is 6429."  And as my feet hurt from looking for almost non existent cherry blossoms earlier in the day I took advantage of the driving pass.

I had not been far off.  Only 3 rows which made me somehow feel better.  Instead of putting out flowers I put out a small tortoise.  When we were young (and life was different) we rode the tortoises one day at the Buffalo Zoo.