Saturday, April 6, 2013


Walking to Section 60 in Arlington Cemetery is a short, mostly serene walk which is why I don't often take advantage of getting a pass and driving over.  This day was no different.  Even thought the parking lot was full with tourists on Spring Break most of them were heading in a different direction to see the graves and sights of the famous.  That is a blessing.  It leaves the rest of the park quiet for family.

Since I was last there however, 16 months ago, the scenery has changed a lot.  So many more head stones that it left me a bit disoriented.  Military personnel are now being buried close to the highway and to the Visitors Center.  Everything looked different and when I made a turn onto York I spent a great deal of time wandering around lost

I walked back to the Visitors Center and looked at the guy behind the help desk.  "I can't find him," I said simply.  "That is what we are here for," came the calm reply.  So I typed in the name and was given a map.  "His address is 6429."  And as my feet hurt from looking for almost non existent cherry blossoms earlier in the day I took advantage of the driving pass.

I had not been far off.  Only 3 rows which made me somehow feel better.  Instead of putting out flowers I put out a small tortoise.  When we were young (and life was different) we rode the tortoises one day at the Buffalo Zoo.


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