Saturday, March 9, 2013

Winter's Last Hurrah (or so we hope)

On Tuesday night the snow started.  It had
so much water content that flakes came down
heavy and in straight lines.
About 2 or 3 in the morning the power
went out.  I thought there was lightening until
Dale pointed out that it was the transformers
on the power poles sparking as the
falling trees hit them.
We got about 10 inches of heavy snow and
lost a few trees and limbs.
                     Bella loves snow and likes to catch
We have not had a storm like this
in quite awhile.  Our street got
plowed this year which
was amazing though unfortunate for
the neighbor children who
wanted to sled.
The chickens were not pleased to be kept in their coop.
One of the younger hens started to lay eggs.

Laundry got washed but not
dried before the power went out.
Used fire heat for clothes for work on
College kids like to climb snow
mountains in the local shopping center.
They got chased off before I got the camera out.

Electric companies from other states answered
the call to help restore power.
Gratitude can not be expressed in words
for their help.

The snow is melting and our power came on last night.

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