Monday, January 28, 2013

Taking Life Slow

Last fall I took German 101 at the local community college and by midterm I was ready to quit.  It was a hard class and most of my spare time was spent studying or worrying about not getting a good grade.  Though I enjoyed class and the teacher, and found my classmates interesting (I was the second oldest in the class) it sucked up all my free time and I found that I resented it.  When the final came around I was an hour late for the exam sitting.  Our work Christmas party was that afternoon and when I turned on my car radio on my way to school there was mournful music on and talk of a school shooting in Connecticut.  I needed a 30 on the exam to get a B.  After looking at the test for awhile and answering a few questions I questioned myself on why I was there and putting myself through all of this.  Then I left.  I got a B.

After Christmas I ripped all of the cow/country wallpaper off of the walls.  It was quite a job and yes, I'm the one who put it up there.  I painted the walls Mossy Green (Valspar from Lowes) in a satin.  The trim is semi gloss white.  As I had painted my cupboards green originally it is taking a lot of white to cover them.  

I've decluttered walls, counter tops and hauled a bookcase to another room.  There are curtains to be made and more drawers to clean out.  But like life, it is a work in progress.  

Bella and I have been going out more for walks.  As I've injured my my hand violin playing has taken a back seat also.  I no longer have a stack of books to be read from the library.  I can only read one at a time.  A stack is not necessary.  

I'm enjoying my slow time.  Life is good.


  1. I like the sound of your "slow" life. My life is always going 90 miles an hour and I find myself unable to slow down - or enjoy life day to day. I admire your self awareness. I hope to make it to that point one of these days. and I LOVE the color of your walls.

  2. Glad that you like the color. Remember that my kids are older than your son :-). It makes a difference.